Source code for toxicbuild.ui.web

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Copyright 2015, 2016 Juca Crispim <>

# This file is part of toxicbuild.

# toxicbuild is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.

# toxicbuild is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.

# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with toxicbuild. If not, see <>.

import asyncio
    from asyncio import ensure_future
except ImportError:  # pragma no cover
    from asyncio import async as ensure_future

from tornado import gen
from tornado.websocket import WebSocketHandler, WebSocketError
from pyrocumulus.web.applications import (PyroApplication, StaticApplication)
from pyrocumulus.web.handlers import TemplateHandler, PyroRequest
from pyrocumulus.web.urlmappers import URLSpec
from toxicbuild.core.utils import bcrypt_string, LoggerMixin
from toxicbuild.ui import settings
from toxicbuild.ui.client import get_hole_client
from toxicbuild.ui.exceptions import BadActionError
from toxicbuild.ui.models import Repository, Slave, BuildSet, Builder

COOKIE_NAME = 'toxicui'

[docs]class LoginHandler(TemplateHandler):
[docs] def get(self, action): if action == 'logout': self.clear_cookie(COOKIE_NAME) return self.redirect('/') if self.get_secure_cookie(COOKIE_NAME): return self.redirect('/') error = bool(self.params.get('error')) self.render_template('login.html', {'error': error})
[docs] def post(self, action): if not self.params.get('username') == settings.USERNAME: return self.redirect('/login?error=1') salt = settings.BCRYPT_SALT passwd = settings.PASSWORD if not bcrypt_string(self.params.get('password'), salt) == passwd: return self.redirect('/login?error=1') self.set_secure_cookie(COOKIE_NAME, 'SAUCIFUFU!') self.redirect('/')
[docs]class LoggedTemplateHandler(TemplateHandler):
[docs] def prepare(self): super().prepare() cookie = self.get_secure_cookie(COOKIE_NAME) if not cookie: self.redirect('/login')
[docs]class BaseModelHandler(LoggedTemplateHandler): item_template = 'item.html' list_template = 'list.html'
[docs] def initialize(self, *args, **kwargs): self.model = kwargs['model'] del kwargs['model'] super().initialize(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def get_item(self, **kwargs): item = yield from self.model.get(**kwargs) return item
[docs] def add(self, **kwargs): resp = yield from self.model.add(**kwargs) json_resp = resp.to_json() return json_resp
[docs] def get(self, *args): resp = yield from self.get_item(**self.params) json_resp = resp.to_json() return json_resp
[docs] def post(self, *args): resp = yield from self.add(**self.params) self.write(resp)
[docs] def delete(self, *args): item = yield from self.get_item(**self.params) resp = yield from item.delete() return resp
[docs]class RepositoryHandler(BaseModelHandler): @gen.coroutine
[docs] def post(self, *args): if 'add-branch' in args: yield from self.add_branch() return elif 'remove-branch' in args: yield from self.remove_branch() return elif'start-build' not in args: yield super().post(*args) return ret = yield from self.start_build() self.write(ret)
[docs] def start_build(self): item = yield from self.get_item(repo_name=self.params.get('name')) del self.params['name'] ret = yield from item.start_build(**self.params) return ret
[docs] def add_branch(self): item = yield from self.get_item(repo_name=self.params.get('name')) del self.params['name'] notify = self.params['notify_only_latest'] notify = True if notify == 'true' else False self.params['notify_only_latest'] = notify r = yield from item.add_branch(**self.params) return r
[docs] def remove_branch(self): item = yield from self.get_item(repo_name=self.params.get('name')) del self.params['name'] r = yield from item.remove_branch(**self.params) return r
[docs] def prepare(self): super().prepare() if 'start-build' in self.request.uri: self._prepare_start_build() elif 'add-branch' in self.request.uri: kw = {'name': self.params.get('name'), 'branch_name': self.params.get('branch_name'), 'notify_only_latest': self.params.get('notify_only_latest')} self.params = kw elif 'remove-branch' in self.request.uri: kw = {'name': self.params.get('name'), 'branch_name': self.params.get('branch_name')} self.params = kw else: kw = {} kw['name'] = self.params.get('name') kw['url'] = self.params.get('url') kw['vcs_type'] = self.params.get('vcs_type') kw['update_seconds'] = self.params.get('update_seconds') kw['slaves'] = self.params.getlist('slaves') self.params = kw
[docs] def delete(self, *args): self.params = {'repo_name': self.params.get('name')} yield super().delete(*args)
[docs] def put(self, *args): item = yield from self.get_item(repo_name=self.params['name']) del self.params['name'] r = yield from item.update(**self.params) self.write(r)
def _prepare_start_build(self): kw = {} kw['name'] = self.params.get('name') kw['builder_name'] = self.params.get('builder_name') kw['branch'] = self.params.get('branch') kw['slaves'] = self.params.getlist('slaves') kw['named_tree'] = self.params.get('named_tree') self.params = kw
[docs]class SlaveHandler(BaseModelHandler):
[docs] def prepare(self): super().prepare() kw = {} kw['name'] = self.params.get('name') kw['host'] = self.params.get('host') kw['port'] = self.params.get('port') kw['token'] = self.params.get('token') self.params = kw
[docs] def delete(self, *args): self.params = {'slave_name': self.params.get('name')} yield super().delete(*args)
[docs] def put(self, *args): item = yield from self.get_item(slave_name=self.params['name']) yield from item.update(**self.params)
[docs]class StreamHandler(LoggerMixin, WebSocketHandler):
[docs] def initialize(self): self.client = None
[docs] def open(self, action): if action == 'repo-status': events = ['repo_status_changed'] out_fn = self._send_repo_status_info elif action == 'builds': events = ['build_started', 'build_finished', 'build_added', 'step_started', 'step_finished'] out_fn = self._send_build_info elif action == 'step-output': events = ['step_output_info'] out_fn = self._send_step_output_info else: msg = 'Action {} is not known'.format(action) raise BadActionError(msg) ensure_future(self.listen2event(*events, out_fn=out_fn))
def _send_step_output_info(self, info): """Sends information about step output to the ws client. :param info: Message sent by the master""" step_uuid = self.request.arguments.get('uuid')[0].decode() uuid = info.get('uuid') if step_uuid == uuid: self.write2sock(info) def _send_build_info(self, info): """Sends information about builds to the ws client. :param info: The message sent by the master""" repository_id = self.request.arguments[ 'repository_id'][0].decode() repo = info.get('repository', {}) if not repo or (repo and repository_id == repo.get('id')): self.write2sock(info) def _send_repo_status_info(self, info): self.write2sock(info) @asyncio.coroutine
[docs] def get_stream_client(self): """Return a client already connected to the master and listening the stream.""" host = settings.HOLE_HOST port = settings.HOLE_PORT client = yield from get_hole_client(host, port) yield from client.connect2stream() return client
[docs] def listen2event(self, *event_types, out_fn): """Creates a connection to the master and sends a messge to the ws client when an event of event_type is sent by the mater. :param event_types: A list of the events that will be handled by this connection. :para out_fn: A function that receives the message sent by the master if the message has the right event_type """ self.client = yield from self.get_stream_client() while self.client._connected: response = yield from self.client.get_response() body = response.get('body', {}) if not body: self.log('Bad data: closing connection', level='debug') self.client.disconnect() break master_event_type = body.get('event_type') if master_event_type in event_types: out_fn(body)
[docs] def on_close(self): self.client.disconnect()
[docs] def write2sock(self, body): try: self.write_message(body) except WebSocketError: self.log('WebSocketError: closing connection', level='debug') self.client.disconnect()
[docs]class MainHandler(LoggedTemplateHandler): main_template = 'main.html' @gen.coroutine
[docs] def get(self): repos = yield from Repository.list() slaves = yield from Slave.list() context = {'repos': repos, 'slaves': slaves, 'get_btn_class': self._get_btn_class} self.render_template(self.main_template, context)
def _get_btn_class(self, status): return {'success': 'success', 'fail': 'danger', 'running': 'info', 'exception': 'exception', 'clone-exception': 'exception', 'ready': 'success', 'warning': 'warning', 'cloning': 'pending'}.get(status)
[docs]class WaterfallHandler(LoggedTemplateHandler): template = 'waterfall.html'
[docs] def prepare(self): super().prepare() self.params = PyroRequest(self.request.arguments)
[docs] def get(self, repo_name): buildsets = yield from BuildSet.list(repo_name=repo_name) builders = yield from self._get_builders_for_buildsets(buildsets) repo = yield from Repository.get(repo_name=repo_name) def _ordered_builds(builds): return sorted( builds, key=lambda b: builders[builders.index(b.builder)].name) context = {'buildsets': buildsets, 'builders': builders, 'ordered_builds': _ordered_builds, 'get_ending': self._get_ending, 'repository': repo} self.render_template(self.template, context)
@asyncio.coroutine def _get_builders_for_buildsets(self, buildsets): builders = set() buildsets = buildsets or [] for buildset in buildsets: for build in buildset.builds: builders.add(build.builder) # Now the thing here is: the builders here are made # from the response of buildset-list. It returns only # the builder id for builds, so now I retrieve the # 'full' builder using builder-list ids = [ for b in builders] builders = yield from Builder.list(id__in=ids) builders_dict = { b for b in builders} for buildset in buildsets: for build in buildset.builds: build.builder = builders_dict[] return sorted(builders, key=lambda b: def _get_ending(self, build, build_index, builders): i = build_index while build.builder != builders[i] and len(builders) > i: tag = '</td><td class="builder-column builder-column-id-{}' tag += 'builder-column-index-{}">' yield tag.format(builders[i].id, i + 1) i += 1 yield ''
url = URLSpec('/$', MainHandler) waterfall = URLSpec('/waterfall/(.*)', WaterfallHandler) websocket = URLSpec('/api/socks/(.*)', StreamHandler) login = URLSpec('/(login|logout)', LoginHandler) app = PyroApplication([url, waterfall, login, websocket]) static_app = StaticApplication() repo_kwargs = {'model': Repository} repo_api_url = URLSpec('/api/repo/(.*)', RepositoryHandler, repo_kwargs) slave_kwargs = {'model': Slave} slave_api_url = URLSpec('/api/slave/(.*)', SlaveHandler, slave_kwargs) api_app = PyroApplication([repo_api_url, slave_api_url])